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Our terms are pretty simple. By using our website you agree to these terms.

We are not responsible for any injury, ailment, or any other type of distress caused by products sold on our website. If you purchase something that is edible please contact your doctor if you believe it might harm harm you. If something you purchase from us harms you in anyway we are not responsible.

We do not offer refunds. We are a small operation working on a big project. We don’t have the staff to do this. If you have any questions about your order please email us at ContactUs@TheKey2FreeTX.org or through our contact page. We typically ship product within 2-3 business days.

Some of the content that may appear on the site may be disturbing. You agree that you are able to handle this and that you are of the appropriate legal age to view content of a sexual nature within your own country. While our content is not pornographic in nature it can be disturbing. We will never post content that is vulgar, abusive, or something that details the activities that happen to sex trafficking victims. But from time to time stories may be posted that may implicitly state things that readers may find disturbing. We will do our best to censor the graphic nature of sex slavery. If you have any concerns or take offense to any content on our site please email us at ContactUs@TheKey2FreeTX.org or through our contact page.

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