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Trafficking Hotline 1-888-3737-888

Trafficking Hotline 1-888-3737-888


Education | Awareness

The Key2Free is working to abolish sex trafficking through educating the public and rehabilitating survivors through mentoring, counseling, life skills development, and job training.

Education and Prevention

One of the primary goals of The Key2Free is to educate people about sex slavery and work towards preventing it altogether. Our education methods include books, pamphlets, and seminars aimed at cutting sex slavery at its roots.

Strategic Relationships

Ending sex slavery is a huge goal. To rise to this challenge we work on forming strategic partnerships and relationships with local, state, and national leaders and like minded organizations.

Legislation & Survivor Advocacy

We are the voice of millions of enslaved and former slaves across the globe. We advocate for people who do not have a voice in the courthouses and capitals.


We assist former victims of sex slavery by helping them get back on their feet. We provide guidance, education, and mentoring so they can successfully reintegrate with society.

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Research, Development & Community Awareness

Sex slavery is an evil committed by organized criminals. Because of this, the landscape continually changes and we have to change with it. To do this we research new ways of fighting this evil and communicate them to the community so we can fight together.