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Creative FUNdraising!

June 15, 2017

Creative FUNdraising!

June 15, 2017
The Key2Free

We have countless friends telling us that they would like to hold a fundraiser for us, and many of them have asked us which types of fundraisers would be most successful. First, here are a few quick tips to keep in mind when planning your fundraiser:

  • –  Ensure that you have volunteers who are outgoing and can attract attention.
  • –  Plan and advertise for it well in advance.
  • –  Social media. The most important part of your fundraiser is assigning someone(preferably active on social media) to advertise on all social media outlets in a way that will grab attention and constantly remind people of the upcoming event. Additionally, have someone post live updates on site during the fundraiser.

We know that the hardest part of a fundraiser can often be the first step: coming up with the idea. For this reason, we have combined our own experience and outside research to create the following list of 5 fun and engaging fundraising ideas to help you get started:

  1. Dance-A-Thon: Being a ballroom dancer, I may be slightly biased towards this one. Participants could sign up in pairs or individually (Michael Jackson never needed a dance partner), and they would dance until they can’t dance no more. There could be a registration fee for the participants, and there can also be space for spectators. You could even let anyone request a song for a small fee, such as $1 or $5. You could provide a prize for the last remaining couple or individual on the dance floor. A gym seems like the best location for the event since it would be spacious and slidey, but other locations such as dance studios or city centers could work as well. Put it all together, and you have yourself a blast of a fundraiser that everyone will be bringing their families, dates, and friends to.
  2. Dodgeball Tournament: There is just something special about the image of dodgeball teams facing off in their sweatbands, high waisted athletic shorts, man tank tops, and high socks, and team names like “Guacamole.” Whether due to its over-the-top stereotypes, relation to goofy movies, or just the sport itself, dodgeball tournaments are almost always highly successful and entertaining fundraisers. You could designate a certain donation amount that each team would give upon registration, and you could choose whether or not you charge an admission fee for spectators. Occasionally, some groups get creative and institute a special rule where players can pay a certain amount to be put back into the game after being hit. Whatever the specifics, dodgeball fundraisers are very likely to produce lots of funds and hilariously unattractive pictures for social media.
  3. Doggie Washie: You definitely don’t have to call it that; in fact, it’s probably best that you don’t. It just sounds more fun to me this way. Essentially, you just need access to some hoses, and you need to find a park or some open space that you have permission to use. You can get volunteers who love dogs (me; I volunteer as tribute) and ask them to bring buckets, soap, and towels, and then go to the set of Lost to get a collection of tarps. The single most important factor for this fundraiser is advertising everywhere. Flyers in coffee shops that look hipster (hipsters love dogs), all over social media, tell your sister’s best friend’s brother’s german shephard about it, he tells his friends, etc. You can charge a fee for people to come and get their dogs washed. While there, the owners can set up dog play dates, and you might consider providing snacks or something while they wait. It’s a fun and interactive event that people will be relieved to come to, especially the owners of very fluffy dogs.
  4. Cook-Off: The best part about this fundraiser is the flexibility. You can choose any category of food you want: queso, barbecue, burgers, cookies, pizza, and so on. Another reason this fundraiser is beneficial is that it brings together your community. You can invite local restaurants to sell their food and also invite neighbors to compete and show off their unique family recipes. While many websites will recommend having a celebrity judge determine the winner of the cook-off, I understand that not everyone lives next door to Sandra Bullock. That being the case, you can explore your own creative options for judging; perhaps someone could dress up as a celebrity, or you could have someone who is locally known and loved be the judge. Either way, everyone loves to eat, especially when it’s for a good cause, so you can’t go wrong here.
  5. Art/Fashion Show: These fundraisers tend to attract a more selective audience, since they may not be as appealing to everyone. However, if you happen to already have the attention of an artistic, creative, or fashionable audience, then this is definitely for you. Similar to the previous idea, these fundraisers allow for creative discretion in most aspects. For an art show, you could have artists pay to have their art displayed, and perhaps some could pay more to have it displayed in a larger or more obvious setting. In the case of a fashion show, many boutiques or local designers are open to providing clothing for these fundraisers. A lot of organizations choose to hold a raffle to choose the models; potential models could purchase a raffle ticket, and a select few would be chosen. The primary funds for both the fashion and art shows would come from the admission fees. These fundraisers are helpful because they advertise the local artists and designers, as well as support our cause.

Of course, these are just a few of countless fundraisers that could be widely engaging and successful. We encourage you to try one of these ideas, but these could just be the beginning. The world is your oyster! Now that your creative juices are flowing, we invite you to organize your own legendary fundraiser!

Hannah The Intern

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